Guillen Design | Small Parts — An Amazon Company
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Small Parts — An Amazon Company

Branding, Product
About This Project
Complex UX Project with Identity Component

Small Parts, an Amazon company, facilitates a website selling several thousand hardware parts to researchers, developers and hobbyists. Marianne Guillen was engaged by FILER Studio as the creative director who led the redesign of this complex website and oversaw the company’s identity package. The goal was to create an identity appealing to the two primary audience groups – scientists and hobbyist. We created a simple logo that looked like a small part – reflecting and reinforcing the brand name. Because the Small Part’s company catalog had to be connected to Amazon’s web services, some of the Small Part’s website’s behaviors had to follow Amazon’s standards. The biggest challenge in designing the catalog was simplifying the extremely difficult and time consuming task of finding the exact parts. In addition, many of the parts looked a similar and had minute differences. To solve this issue, we restructured the catalog to create meaningful categories and enable an efficient browse mechanism, and changed the page layout to establish a well working information hierarchy and simplify the complex data for each part.