Guillen Design | RingCentral
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About This Project

Complex UX Project with Identity Component

RingCentral, a cloud based business communications company, provides businesses an all-inclusive cloud phone system containing HD video meetings, unified voice, fax, text, and audio conferencing, saving businesses significant costs on expensive hardware and networks.

RingCentral needed to develop the next generation of products, thereby creating a visual language that would create a distinct brand to succeed in the US market and abroad.

Guillen, working as RingCentral’s lead designer, was tasked to develop a comprehensive prototype.┬áIt was important to achieve a unified user experience across all devises to eliminate confusion about simple functions on different devices. For example, a voice calling experience should be identical on the phone as on a tablet or desktop computer, although the focus of the app may shift from device to device. While a phone by its nature is more voice centric and a computer may be more text centric, simply because it has a keyboard, it should have the same unified user experience.

It was also important to shift the communication experience from being feature driven (text versus voice call) to be centered on those in communication with the user. The idea was to leave classic calling behind and focus on the conversation with a caller, regardless of the device or mechanism. The app would minimize and maxims itself and specific features would only be revealed as the user requires them.