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Branding, Product
About This Project
 Complex UX project with Identity Component

Elastra software enables enterprises to automate modeling, deployment, and policy enforcement of their application infrastructure. Elastra’s products work with provisioning and visualization tools to deliver the IT infrastructure required to run complex applications.

Elastra, a startup company, wanted to compete in the market and convince clients such as Amazon’s web services that the new company was able to handle their data warehouse traffic. Elastra’s main audience was people in an IT environment who have little patience for decoration and relied heavily on efficiency.

Guillen partnered with Elastra to assist with brand development and implementation through creatively designing the company’s logo, website, interface design, and application UI.

We designed a simple work marque as the company’s brand portrait. The goal was to have the company compare in brand to larger business entities while remaining professional to live up to their service promise.

During the UI phase of the project, we focused on efficiency. Most IT people use keyboard shortcuts to navigate a UI, and we made sure to structure the UI in the way IT people navigate software by focusing on a clear information hierarchy.