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Marianne Guillen


Marianne Guillen assists clients as a Design Strategist since 2001. Originally from Germany, Guillen holds a master’s degree in communication design from the Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee.


Here, Guillen was influenced by the ideas of the Bauhaus which has become one of the most influential currents in modern design and Modernist architecture as well as in art, design and architectural education. Guillen is known for creating beautiful elements utilizing minimalist design with its simple forms and shapes combined with a love for visual patterns and elegant colors.


In 1996, Guillen moved to San Francisco and worked as art director in Silicon Valley, designing websites and web-based applications for companies such as Adobe, Apple Computer and Bombardier.


Throughout her career, Guillen has approached projects as communication challenges working to clearly articulate the benefits of a product or a brand. Her specialty is design systems – analyzing the essence of a brand or product, creating a core identity system around it and expanding it systematically into all touch points. This systematic approach allows her to create a tight brand consistency as well as flexible logic to adjust a brand as needed. These skills resulted in projects with Microsoft developing comprehensive UI guidelines for Windows Live and Office Live. For this project and many others, Guillen develops products by diligently analyzing research and data, simplifying complex processes, creating clear information hierarchies and making it easy for the user to navigate them.


Guillen has had several notable projects including – acting as product design lead at RingCentral, where she developed design standards for the product design team and designed complex business telephone features as well as the next generation of products; serving as a senior consultant with AT&T working on a Unified Communication Prototype for Tablets; redesigning Yamaha Music’s website; creating the first Seat Selector for Orbitz, providing UX design and usability testing for Sales Funnel and additions such as hotels and cars; and designing Intuits Intranet.


Guillen has a broad skill base encompassing ethnographic research, product strategy, user experience design, branding and identity development, client management, and implementation along with many other skills she employs for her clients. She is also bi-lingual in German and English and is always interested in acquiring new skills and learning about new ideas and fields.

What I do

With a focus on simplicity, beauty and innovation, we bring clarity to your business and create outstanding innovate products and design.  

Listen & Learn

In a complicated and quickly changing world, I listen and learn from you. I will immerse myself with your business goals and market situation in order to clearly understand the project parameters and business objectives.


Collaboration is imperative to my work. I know my clients are experts in their field, and I value their information and feedback. I know the best ideas are born in a collaborative working environment, sharing ideas and assumptions throughout the process.


I gather customer and market data to inform our work, utilizing quantitative and qualitative research, as well as market and consumer trend analysis. My research methods do not require extensive budgets and time though. They are designed to be used easily and effectively while gaining precise product and service insights.

Provide Iteratively Design and Prototypes

Based on the diligent analysis from our research, I will create early innovate ideas and concepts at the highest standard in design and technology, and quickly turn them into prototypes. Tangible prototypes help us to adjust quickly and evolve products based on real market feedback. They also help me to deliver clear specifications to implementers and engineers faster and more precisely.

Create Beautiful Design

Beautiful design is simple. It is based on logic and the connection of simple function and meaningful shapes. I specialize in design systems – analyzing the essence of a brand, creating a core identity system around it and expanding it into all touch points. I ensure that a simple idea can be applied systematically in your business to create powerful end-user customer experiences.


I understand the challenges of integrating consultant solutions into your team and working environment. My collaborative approach will help to close that gap. I take great care ensuring my solutions can be maintained and further successfully developed by my clients.